get ready for change…

Coaching inspires, empowers and motivates people to lead a life on their terms. It’s no wonder the world’s most accomplished individuals have personal coaches.

But let’s not talk about them. Let’s talk about you.

You see, I know you. I’ve been right where you are now. Struggling to maintain a healthy work/life balance, wondering why other people still seem to have a life on the weekend while you’re snowed under with planning.

You know you want to make a change, but you’re unsure where to start or what that change even looks like. So you’re just going round and round in circles, wondering when you’ll be able to get off the hamster wheel.


Coaching is designed to empower you and to give you the confidence you need to take ownership of your life and your wellbeing.

Coaching with Me

Research shows that, in order to make change in any area of life, you need:

  • Clear direction
  • Ample motivation
  • A supportive environment

Coaching can provide all this… and more.

I offer 1:1 coaching to teachers and school leaders at various stages of their careers.

  • Some are at the beginning of their teaching journey and want to start as they mean to go on, to develop good habits that they can rely on.
  • Others are teachers and school leaders who are more experienced, but have let work take over and are simply looking to develop a strategy to take back control of their work/life balance.
  • For a growing number of teachers, they’ve come to the decision that they want to leave the classroom and pursue a career outside of education. It’s an area that I feel passionately about as I was once that teacher, struggling with my mental health.

Making the decision to leave is a tough one and I’m on a mission to support teachers who may be on that particular journey, helping them decide what to do next and supporting them to make the next steps.

So, as you can see, wherever you are in your career, coaching can help you.

So what are your options?

Everyone is on a different part of their career journey, with different wellbeing needs and work/life balance struggles, so it’s impossible to have one specific way of doing things.

Coaching is very much led by you, by your own circumstances. I support you to work through your specific wellbeing/career needs, not those of a ‘typical’ teacher. It would be impossible.


It’s up to you which option feels right for you, but I can promise you one thing. Working with me will help you develop clear strategies and habits to make wellbeing your top priority. By the end of our sessions together you’ll have your own personalised work/life balance plan that you have created with my help.

And if in order to get some balance back, you choose to look at a career outside of education, I can help with future planning too.

It’s your journey, your life. I’m here to empower you to live it!


60 Minute Strategy Session

What is it? 
A one-off session to discuss one aspect of your work/life balance.
Who is it for?
Teachers/leaders who have some work/life balance ideas, but need support to implement them.
What’s included?
– 60 minute coaching session
– Questionnaire to fill in prior to call to maximise session outcomes
– Follow up email to catch up

Wellbeing Coaching

What is it?
A series of 4 coaching sessions (weekly/fortnightly) to help develop and implement long-lasting wellbeing habits.
Who is it for?
Teachers/leaders who know that their work/life balance needs to improve, they’re just not sure of suitable strategies or habits to make it last.
What’s included?
– 4 x 60 minute coaching sessions
– Email contact between sessions
– Wellbeing action planning – with completed plan at the end of the 4 sessions.
– 1x follow up session (30 minutes) to see how the plan is working.
Cost: £299

Career Change

What is it? 
A series of 6 coaching sessions (weekly/fortnightly) to help teachers/school leaders who want to explore a career outside of the school gates.
Who is it for?
Teachers/leaders who know that the time has come for a career change. Maybe you’ve been putting it off for a long time or maybe your circumstances have changed. Whatever the reason, I’m here to help you plan an exciting new future.
What’s included?
– 6 x 60minute coaching sessions
– Email contact between sessions
– Career change action planning – with completed plan by the end of the 6 sessions.
Cost: £475

If you’d like to discuss any of the options or to book some coaching, please head on over to my Contact page.

‘Steph allowed me time to consider the most pressing elements of my role; we discussed how to break each task into more manageable pieces and think about how I can use my time most effectively.’