Are you ready to put your self-care first and get some work/life balance back?

Beat Burnout is a highly effective wellbeing course designed to help you build boundaries and wellbeing habits that last.

Beat Burnout is the course for you!

  • Fed up with putting your self-care at the bottom of your to-do list?
  • Wondering if you can even fit wellbeing habits into your busy day?
  • Feeling like you’ve been there, done that and got the rather repetitive t-shirt?

I hear you! But here’s the problem…

‘27% of education professionals showed signs of acute stress – with 23% receiving a formal diagnosis from their GP.’

Teacher Wellbeing Index, 2018

You know what you should be doing to put your self-care first, but you’re just not able to fit it into your day. Wellbeing is important to you, but you just don’t know how to put those boundaries in place confidently.

  • You’re so busy with teaching, marking and meetings that your wellbeing time goes out the window… Every. Single. Day
  • You try to build new habits, but you never seem to be able to keep them going
  • You’re beginning to wonder whether you’re even cut out for teaching – will you ever get your evenings and weekends back?
  • Your lack of work/life balance is beginning to take its toll on your mental health
  • You sometimes think that leaving school before 6pm is impossible

Woah! Stop right there! This lack of wellbeing ends TODAY!

You can do this! You just need a strategy!

The great thing is, you know that wellbeing matters. You know that you want to put your self-care first, you just need some help with how to do it!

And that’s where Beat Burnout can really help you!

Beat Burnout is an online course for stressed, overwhelmed teachers who need to build self-care habits that last.

I know that for you, time is a precious thing. That’s why Beat Burnout is a course with a difference:

😀No huge, time-consuming changes to make – instead you’ll create tiny, actionable habits you can do in as little as 5-minutes

😀Online modules that you can do at your own pace – the whole course can be completed in ninety minutes

😀Strategies you can put in place RIGHT AWAY – helping you feel the difference faster

Even if you’ve tried to put your self-care first before, Beat Burnout is created to give you some much needed ‘me-time’ in a really simple, easy way.

‘76% of education professionals experienced behavioural, psychological or physical symptoms due to their work, compared to 60% of UK employees.’

Teacher Wellbeing Index, 2018

It’s time to get your life back!

You see, I’ve been where you are now! A busy teacher, struggling with my work/life balance and wellbeing. Wondering whether I’d ever get some ‘me-time’ during the week.

Desperate for answers, I came across the Tiny Habits research from Stanford University and decided to try it out in my own life.

Starting off really small, I began making tiny changes to my daily routine. Building in just 5-minutes of self-care in the morning before leaving for school.

It was then that things really escalated for me and I realised that putting my needs first, even in such a small way, was having a positive impact on my mental health. I started to find time for more self-care and began building boundaries for my habits.

My confidence grew too – enabling me to start saying ‘no’ to things that would only add to my to-do list. Small things at first, but over time, I began to realise that, by having concrete boundaries, I could have a better work/life balance.

And that’s what I want for you too, which is why I created Beat Burnout.

So what will Beat Burnout give you by the end of the course?

Time in the week to put your wellbeing and self-care first

A sense of balance between work and home life

A self-care plan to keep your wellbeing habits in place

So here’s what’s included:

  • 6 easy-to-follow modules – with video tutorials for each one
  • A workbook to help you begin planning your new habits
  • A planning template at the end to help keep those habits in place

Module 1 – Where Are You Now?

Time for reflection, looking at where your wellbeing habits are now and why, before moving on to what you want your work/life balance to look like in the future.

Module 2 – Wellbeing Habits

What exactly is a habit and how can you create ones that last? In this module, you’ll discover the 3 self-care pillars, as well as how Tiny Habits can make a big difference

Module 3 – Creating Habit Triggers

Habit triggers keep your habit going consistently. You’ll explore whether a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic is best for you and how to set them up.

Module 4 – Environment and Support 

Building an effective support network and a habits environment is crucial to success. Here you can learn how to build yours.

Module 5 – Overcoming Obstacles

When we try to change our behaviour, we can come across obstacles that get in our way. This module helps you navigate those obstacles to make change successful.

Module 6 – Keeping Momentum

Keeping new behaviours going takes practise, but there are strategies in this module that can help you, as you continue to put your wellbeing first.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to get your work/life balance back, to put your self-care needs first. It’s time to finally build habits that last.

It’s time to Beat Burnout!