If, as an alternative career to teaching, you’ve considered being a health and fitness coach, this is the blog post for you. Maybe you’re someone who enjoys keeping fit and you’ve wondered whether this is an avenue to explore further. Or perhaps you’ve been on your own successful health and fitness journey and want to support others to do the same.

Whatever your situation, I’m thrilled that this guest blog post features Vicki, a Year 2 teacher who’s building a side-hustle as an online health and fitness coach. Here, in her own words, she explains more about her role and also the journey she’s been on.

What is an Online Health and Fitness Coach?

I am a very proud online health and fitness coach. I specialise in helping those who’ve struggled with mental health issues including: anxiety, depression, panic attacks, binge eating and body confidence issues, as well as general confidence problems.

My areas of speciality come directly from my own very personal situations. We provide at-home exercise and nutrition programs that support emotional/binge eaters. We also support those who want/need to learn more about portion control and sugar addiction for overall health.

What does an Online Health and Fitness Coach Do?

I plug my clients into the tools that have helped me go from stressed, crippled-by-anxiety mum/teacher to someone they can be proud of.

I used to yoyo diet, binge eat due to stress and overwhelming emotions, and then hate myself for feeling fat and ugly. Being a coach and helping others has shown me that consistency is the way to a balanced and healthy life.

The most important part of being a coach in this amazing team is looking after our own health and wellness first! Only when we are balanced and really healthy can we support others who are at an earlier stage on their health journey.

What Skills Does an Online Health and Fitness Coach Need?

My first reaction to this question is none. We are proud to say, as coaches, we don’t need any specific qualifications in this industry because we are not training our clients with their fitness and nutrition – the tools and programs our clients get access to have world class trainers and nutritionists.

The magic is that we, as coaches, are the support system. We are the people who ask our clients how they are or jump on a Zoom call to talk through their next steps towards their goals. Also, we understand that not everybody needs a one-size-fits-all program. My clients are all so different, but ultimately all have the same goal – to live healthy, fulfilled lives.

We are proud that we have many different options and packages available to help our clients, many of whom I now call my friends. This business really does fill your heart.

My second response is you need resilience. You need to be driven and to dream big. To be coachable and willing to be a beginner. To be vulnerable with your own story, so that it can inspire and help others.

What Job Opportunities Are There and How Much Can I Earn?

This is limitless. I know that sounds crazy, but it really is.

I am motivated by many things, but I need a certain income to have the time and freedom I desire. Many of our coaches are earning six/seven figure per annum by sharing their story and offering the opportunity to live healthily while supporting others.

But that doesn’t have to be your income goal! Others in the team are excited to earn £100 per month, enabling them to treat their families to a day out once a month. Either goal is perfect. The most exciting part is seeing somebody achieve the goals they have when they join us.

Notes from a Health and Fitness Coach – Vicki’s Journey

I spent 20 years yo-yo dieting to the extreme. Going between overtraining to the point of injury, to extreme dieting and starving myself. For some reason, I felt this would give me the slim, toned body I always dreamed of. I truly believed that, if I had this body, I would feel confident and ‘fit in’.

After struggling with my mental health since being a teenager, it’s been tricky to stick to anything. I never saw anything through to the end…until I had my son. Once I had him, I knew I couldn’t continue like this. I needed to provide him with a consistent, healthy and stable life, both financially and in lifestyle.

So at the age of 30, when my boy was 2, I went to university and completed my degree in Fine Art. It taught me that I could see things through. I could keep going even when things were hard and I felt overwhelmed.

After uni, I went straight into my teaching qualification, completing SCITT training in the school I still teach in now. I love my school. I love my head, but I really struggle with the mood hoovers – those who feel trapped but are not willing to make a change.

Within 2 years of teaching full time and being a mum/wife, I realised I was bored. I know that might sound crazy because teaching is such a pressured, busy job, but my soul was bored. I felt unfulfilled and exhausted. Something was missing. Something just for me.

Moving Forwards

After a breakdown in 2018, my head of school got me into a counselling session which was nothing short of a gift. At the same time as starting counselling, I saw my friend share a video on Facebook which caught my eye.

It was about building a business in the online fitness space. Exercising at home for 30-minutes a day and learning how to prepare healthy, clean foods to feed your body and mind, while sharing your journey with your friends and on social media. It was perfect and really resonated with me.

  • I didn’t need child care (I had none)
  • It would be my job to exercise and be healthy
  • I could earn an income doing this and it was limitless income based on my effort

I messaged my friend…I’m in! Soon enough, I was a brand new online health and fitness coach. I leaned in and learnt from my mentors. I made all the mistakes. But now I’m a top UK coach with a business that I’m so proud of.

It’s mine. I do it for me and I’m finally not on a diet. I’m not extreme dieting or giving up on myself either. I’m proud of the woman I’ve become. Mentoring our new coaches to build their businesses is truly the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I am only 2.5 years in and cannot wait to see where 5, 10 or 20 years takes me.

I don’t want to leave teaching full time (the kids are so special). But my business allows me to be a teacher on my terms. I’m part time and get to keep the love I have for teaching alive, rather than doing it because of my monthly bills.


Personal development is a huge part of what we do – my team call me the PD queen or bookworm!

When I mentor a new coach, I always talk to them about personal development. If somebody asks me for support with anxiety/nutrition, I often ask them to read a book or listen to a podcast before we even talk about food and exercise.

I refuse to allow anyone who comes to me to continue living a life that they don’t love. In this business, they say ‘be the coach you needed’ and I feel that in the deepest part of my heart.

My recommendations for clients are always Rachel Hollis and Mel Robbins. My recommendations for new coaches are:

  • Build to Last – Keith Callaghan
  • Get over Your Damn Self – Romi Neustadt
  • Beach Money – Jordan Adler
  • Jim Rohn’s YouTube videos

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