Supporting teachers seeking career change


Making a career change is tough…

When you fall out of love with teaching, it often feels overwhelming and daunting to think about a new career. You start to wonder whether it’s even possible, not to mention managing those feelings of guilt that keep rearing their ugly heads – keeping you awake at 3am, no doubt!

But can I ease your mind a bit? The truth is, it really is overwhelming and daunting to make a career change. It’s completely normal to feel guilty too. You’re not a bad person.

And you’re not alone.

You just need the right toolkit, giving you the confidence to make the career change that’s right for you.

And guess what? I’ve got the toolkit you need. As a former deputy head and qualified coach, I’ve worked with lots of teachers, just like you – teachers who have reached burnout and are ready to leave, yet feel overwhelmed with what to do next.

My Creating Happy Change Programme helps you build a personalised exit plan, giving you the confidence and clarity to step into a new career.


You don’t have to feel overwhelmed anymore…

Hi, I’m Steph,

I help teachers to create happy change in their lives, giving them the confidence and clarity to step into a new career. Supporting them to design a life that’s right for them.

And I bloody love it!


Because I’ve been there. Struggling in a teaching job that left me exhausted, ultimately affecting my mental health. It was a tough journey from the classroom to where I am today, but ultimately it helped me realise my mission!

A mission to help other teachers, like you, who are seeking a change. Giving them the support and guidance with career change that I didn’t have. To help them create a life makes them happy.

Because that’s what it’s all about, right?


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